Ever Endless is an 2.5D isometric RPG Private server
based on the early 2000s hit MMORPG Endless Online.

About Ever-Endless

Our goal is to provide an enhanced MMORPG experience by improving on existing systems such as combat, classes, player progression, questing, and quality of life features while striving to maintain an authentic retro gaming experience true to the era.

With these goals in mind, we continue to strive to create new and engaging content that embodies the spirit of what many would say was the greatest generation of online gaming.

Choose between 5 unique classes!


They are the class that holds the front lines by taking the threat of dangerous monsters.

Unique Class Identity

EvE currently includes over 100 unique class-based armours in-game.


Explore the world of EvE, form friendships, guilds, and compete against other players as you climb to the top.

What sets us apart

Our team boasts an active on and offline presence of developers, artists, and moderators who strive to interact with the player base to build a fun and engaging Ever Endless experience!